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28-30 August 2024 | #Anugafoodtecindia2024

Anuga FoodTec India

HPMF was invited along with the leading trade associations of F&B, processing & packaging technology industry to share our thoughts and plans for the upcoming edition of ANUTEC - International FoodTec India

Industry leaders unite to forge the pathway to unprecedented growth of food & beverage industry in India July 2023, Mumbai, India - In a landmark event organized by Koelnmesse Pvt Ltd., key industry stakeholders convened at


Industry leaders unite to forge the pathway to  unprecedented growth of food & beverage industry  in India 

July 2023, Mumbai, India –

In a landmark event organized by Koelnmesse Pvt Ltd., key  industry stakeholders convened at ‘Partners Forum’, a  gathering of visionaries dedicated to defining the roadmap  for the exponential growth of the of F&B industry in India. 

Under the theme of ‘Partners Forum’, Koelnmesse Pvt Ltd brought together thought  leaders, executives, innovators, and policymakers from across the F&B industry  landscape. Their collective expertise and shared vision served as the driving force  behind the development of a comprehensive agenda for the upcoming edition of  ANUFOOD India & ANUTEC International FoodTec India scheduled from 7-9 September  2022 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, An event that promises to chart a course  towards unparalleled success and prosperity for all industry stakeholders. The forum witnessed the presence of Presidents & Committee Members from the  leading industry associations like – Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), All India Food  Processors Association (AIFPA), Association of Food Scientist & Technologist of India  (AFSTi – Mumbai), Chamber for Advancement of Small and Medium Businesses  (CASMB), Plant Based Foods Industry Association (PBFIA), Society of Indian Bakers

(SIB), Hospitality Purchasing Managers Forum (HPMF), India Pulses and Grains  Association (IPGA), Innova Marketing Insights and Retailers Association of India (RAI)  who play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry.

During this momentous occasion, attendees were engaged in dynamic discussions,  strategic collaborations, and insightful presentations, all aimed at shaping the future  trajectory of the F&B Industry. Through open dialogue and collaborative initiatives,  industry stakeholders agrees to pool their knowledge and expertise to identify key  challenges, explore emerging trends, and uncover untapped opportunities at this  interntional events. By defining a clear roadmap for growth, ANUFOOD / ANUTEC India  aims to catalyze innovation, foster strategic partnerships, and fuel sustainable  development across the industry. The outcomes of this gathering will empower  businesses, investors, and policymakers alike to make informed decisions, drive  economic growth, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the F&B industry.

Milind Dixit, Managing Director of Koelnmesse Pvt Ltd, welcomed the dignitaries and  set the tone for the forum by highlighting the remarkable achievements of the trade fairs thus far. He also offered a sneak peek into the concurrent events & showed   highlights that are bound to elevate the overall experience for all the stakeholders   involved. 

Dr. Subodh Jindal, President of AIFPA, shared his perspective on the F&B industry and   the significant role of ANUTEC & ANUFOOD India for the food industry. He emphasized   the active participation of government and export promotion councils. He further   emphasized doing such events regionally. 

Dr. Prabodh Halde, Chairman, CASMB, emphasized that such international gatherings   serve as fertile grounds to attract and nurture young talent, and underscored the  importance of encouraging participation of the youth in the event. He further  emphasized on expert zone and start-up school that CASMB will conducting at the  event enabling the start-ups with expert opinions, project consulting & Product  registration etc. 

Ratheesh Nair, Regional Director – Western Region for Indian Chamber of Commerce,  expressed his gratitude on getting associated with ANUFOOD & ANUTEC events and  empathized contributing to the government agenda of celebrating year of Millet’s by  organizing a panel discussion on theme of “Super Food – Millets & Nutrition”. 

Dr. Nitin Nagrale, the Founder and General Secretary of HPMF, shared his insights on  elevating the brand value of ANUTEC & ANUFOOD India through enhanced interactive  activities onsite. HPMF will host a Buyers Delegation from Maharashtra and an  International delegation from Nepal, Bhutan, Sri-Lanka, and other locations.  Additionally, the association will organize a dedicated session on “Market Penetration  Strategy” to provide valuable insights and guidance. 

Chinmayee Deulgaonkar, Vice President of AFSTI, stressed the significance of involving  rural India in the event and emphasized the need for stronger collaboration between  industry and academia. Additionally, she highlighted the contribution of women  power in the food and beverage industry. Celebrity Chef Rakhee Vaswani, the Founder of Pallet Culinary Academy,  enthusiastically confirmed her active involvement in the newly introduced show  feature ‘Culinary Corner’. This show feature will showcase a series of Masterclasses  dedicated to diverse cuisines, including Plant-Based, Asian, European, and more,  focusing on the products displayed at the event. 

Dr. Hitesh Bhatt, the Director of Marketing & Communications at RAI (Retailers  Association of India), is actively involved in curating an engaging panel discussion  targeting purchase managers from the retail food and beverage industry. Dr. Bhatt  emphasizes the importance of raising awareness about critical issues such as food  wastage and food safety. 

Dr. Parag Gadre, the board member of Indian Pulses & Grains Association emphasized  the contribution of such events in enhancing the business growth for the industry and  showed his willingness on creating a pavilion at the event that will not only highlight  the strength of Indian Pulses & Grain at this global event but will also enhance the  celebration of Millet Year. 

Aditi Sharma, representing the Plant Based Food Industry Association (PBFIA), is  actively engaged in curating an immersive panel discussion and conference sessions  focused on the technical aspects and significance of plant-based food. Additionally,  she has confirmed the inclusion of a dedicated pavilion showcasing exhibitors  specializing in plant-based food products. 

Gopalakrishnan Chakarapani, the representative of Innova Market highlighted the  significance of the global trend zones viz ‘Packaging Theatre’ and ‘Innovative Trend  Zone’ being featured at ANUTEC India and ANUFOOD India respectively. He assured  the dissemination of reports on global emerging trends in the food and beverage  industry at the above-mentioned zones. 

The outcomes of this august gathering will empower the upcoming events to catalyze  innovation, foster strategic partnerships, and fuel sustainable development across the  industry. The enthusiasm shown by the dignitaries and the high-quality deliberations  was undeniable evidence of the profound importance of both ANUFOOD India and  ANUTEC International FoodTec India within the overall industry landscape. Join us at  ANUFOOD India / ANUTEC International FoodTec India scheduled from 7-9 September  2023 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, where the torchbearers of Indian Food &  Beverage industry will congregate to define the roadmap for a thriving future of the  industry. Together, let us embark on this transformative journey towards  unprecedented growth and success. 

Koelnmesse is an international leader in organising trade fairs in the field of food and  beverage processing. Anuga FoodTec and ProSweets Cologne are established, world leading trade fairs, hosted in Cologne/Germany. 

In addition to the events at its Cologne headquarters, Koelnmesse also stages further  food technology trade fairs with different sector specific areas of focus and content  in key markets across the world, including India, Italy and Colombia. These global  activities enable Koelnmesse to offer its customers bespoke events and leading  regional trade fairs in a variety of markets, thus creating the foundation for  sustainable international business. Koelnmesse is also ideally positioned in the field  of food and beverages with its leading international trade fairs Anuga and ISM and its  global network of satellite events. 

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